• Achieve your potential
    Build your confidence
    Take control of your career

    Leap to Leadership is a unique leadership development program for new and emerging leaders to help them master the essential tools of leadership in a safe, confidential and supportive environment, facilitated by Jacqui d'Eon.

    Tap into Jacqui's years of management and C-Suite experience to learn how to get what you need from your team, your boss and your peers while still “being yourself”.

This is the stuff they don't teach you in school.

Making the transition to the next level is a quantum leap.

New managers wrestle with uncertainties. You aspire to excel, but often lack the essential tools: goal setting, team building, navigating difficult conversations, and mastering performance management. The ability to acquire these skills in a secure, confidential environment can mean the difference between soaring success and stumbling failure.

Build your leadership skills

Build your resilience. Learn practical leadership skills not taught at school. Get the ’sanity check’ that comes from different perspectives. Vet your ideas in a safe environment. Develop action plans that work.

Chart your career

Use the power of peer coaching and support to develop your thinking and advance your career whether you are looking for a new opportunity, considering a lateral move, overwhelmed or making your mark in your current role. 

Get what you need
Learn to get what you need from your team, your boss and your peers while still being authentically you. Have more meaningful conversations and present more effectively. Use the confidential group environment to role-play and get feedback.

Are you ready to take the leap?