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    ​Practical Counsel.

Jacqui d'Eon

Meet your facilitator, Jacqui d’Eon

Jacqui has made the transition from professional engineer to master communicator over the course of her career.

She has 20 years experience at P&G and 10 years as the Chief Communications Officer for Deloitte Canada. During her career, Jacqui has acted as a consultant in many demanding situations. She is a professional engineer and is accredited with the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). In 2008 she was honored with the designation Master Communicator. 

Jacqui’s value as a consultant and facilitator lies in her ‘Spock-like’ logic and ability to grasp the subtle and broader implications of a situation through listening and insightful probing. Unlike Spock however, she has a keen sense of humour and a distinctive laugh that can ease the tension in any situation. Combined with her analytical skills she gets to the core of issues and identifies the most strategic and pragmatic solutions.

​Your Questions Answered

Leap to Leadership is not your average leadership development program, so you likely have a few questions. Here are answers to some of the more frequent questions about the program. If you have a few more, feel free to reach out here.

What is Leap to Leadership?

Leap to Leadership brings together a small group of 8-10 individuals like you who want to master key leadership skills to gain control of their careers, maximize their impact and enhance their presence. The group is facilitated by Jacqui d’Eon who has extensive C-suite and facilitation experience.

What makes Leap to Leadership different?

Leap to Leadership is customized to the group. Jacqui will use her experience to bring relevant learning topics to the table for discussion. The program uses peer coaching to enrich the learning and to support group members in their journey.

What will I learn?

Making the transition to the next level is a quantum leap. New managers wrestle with uncertainties. They aspire to excel, but often lack the essential tools: goal setting, team building, navigating difficult conversations, and mastering performance management. You will learn and acquire these skills in a secure, confidential environment.

How often do we meet?

The group meets about every three weeks for a total program duration of about 6 months. There will be 8 group sessions in total and two private 1:1 sessions with Jacqui. In between the scheduled sessions, Jacqui will hold 'Office Hours" during which you can ask her anything. 

How much extra work is involved?

This is a pragmatic, practical program designed to make you think, not an academic one where you are expected to study to acquire specific knowledge. Typically your 'work' between sessions will be to try a new skill or approach in your workplace. For example, the group may learn about giving feedback in the session and you might practice that skill at work and report back about your experience.

Will I get a certificate on completion?

You will receive a certificate of completion.  That certificate will be a wonderful momento but the lasting benefit will be the support community you build with your group and the leadership skills you acquire.