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Leap to Leadership is a unique, six-month leadership development journey for new and emerging leaders. Join a small group of like-minded professionals to learn and apply new skills, conquer the daily rigours of leadership and develop unshakeable confidence.

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Discover Your Leadership Style
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By understanding your leadership style, you will:

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» handle challenges and conflicts better

» lead with greater self-awareness, intentionality, and impact

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Your Leap to Leadership Experience Includes

Hands-on counsel and guidance

SuccessFinder™ assessment to understand your behavioural "DNA"

Time to practice and hone new skills

A safe, confidential space for learning and sharing

Practical goal setting

Small, virtual group sessions facilitated by Jacqui

If You Are

» About to be or recently promoted 

» Charting your career on your terms

» Eager to accelerate your leadership skill development

» Seeking a like-minded community 

Want to learn more about the program before committing? 

Let's sit down for a virtual chat and I'll answer any questions you have. Just book a time using the button below.

​Program Outline

Each session is about 2 hours every 3 weeks, with assignments/readings between sessions. Jacqui will hold ‘office hours’ between sessions.

1. 1:1 with Jacqui

  • Assess your skills and talents
  • Align your personal values with your leadership values
  • Set goals for your leadership journey

2. Group Kick-Off

  • Meet your fellow participants
  • Establish group norms
  • Set your goals and objectives for the program

3. Peer Coaching Skills

  • Learn the keys: trust, questioning, listening and feedback
  • Practice with peers
  • Use your feedback to act

4. Tame Your Triggers

  • Understand your strengths
  • Identify your potential blind spots
  • Know what to do when you are "triggered"

5. Meet Your Inner Critic

  • Know what stops you
  • Understand the power of perspective
  • Take charge of you

6. Pragmatic Productivity

  • Know what promotes/undermines your confidence
  • Learn techniques to bolster your confidence
  • Identify people who can help you

7. Motivation

  • Delegate for results
  • Communicate expectations
  • Manage performance

8. Networking with Purpose

  • Expand your influence with a personal network
  • Learn networking techniques and tools
  • Start expanding your network

9. Reflect and Reassess

  • Assess your progress
  • Clarify your next goals
  • Celebrate

10. 1:1 with Jacqui

  • Assess your progress
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Set your next goals
Jacqui's energy is infectious. Her advice cuts through the clutter. Her perspective is relevant and down to earth.

Fabrice de Dongo
Jacqui is an excellent coach. She asks the questions that you might be afraid to ask yourself and doesn’t stop there. She continues to help peel back the layers to help you see alternative perspectives and options. With her coaching, I became more reflective and more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Susan Hallsworth
Jacqui is one of those coaches who helps you look at situations from all perspectives and communicate to support your position.

Trina Lambe
Jacqui is an exceptional leader and mentor. She takes the time to explain context and always challenges her team to achieve their potential. I had the pleasure of learning from Jacqui hands-on for eight years, and continue to value her ongoing guidance and insight as I grow in my career.

Michelle Donnelly

​Invest in your leadership. Take the leap.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your leadership skills and prepare for your next career move.

Our next cohort begins June 2024.
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Program Fee: $2500

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